It’s likely you will be playing solo a lot at the start. But PlanetSide 2 is a team game, and you will have to learn unwritten laws of dealing with allies.
Just like in real life, you technically don’t owe anything to anyone. But it’s customary to observe certain courtesies:
  • PlanetSide 2 has friendly fire, so don’t shoot allies, and don’t put allies in a position where they can shoot you by accident (i.e. don’t cross their line of fire). 
  • Accidents will happen. If you accidentally shoot an ally, use V + 8 callout to apologize.
  • Likewise, if an ally shoots you by accident, do not retaliate. Eye for an eye leaves whole world blind. 
  • There are lots of other small rules I could write, but they all can be summed up as: employ common sense, don’t act like allies owe you something, and don’t be a jerk. 

During learning the game, players often develop the feeling that enemy factions are stronger, and have better organization and higher skill players. But it’s simply not true. Certainly not at the level an individual player can notice.

Complaining about other factions having lower / higher skill population or making generalizations really serves no purpose. Colors on the sleeve mean much less then the community playing. Every faction has exceptional outfits, and every faction has mediocre ones. Over time those outfits learn, grow, and evolve, or die off to be replaced.

Your experiences will change from day to day. If you see any trends, like one faction consistently losing, they are likely caused by community or outfit issues than the faction itself. In any case, a prime time on a weekend is going to feel much different from a Tuesday night, when one of the server’s high-tier outfits is doing ops (coordinated play session). You’re going to see all sorts of different skill levels of enemies and allies.

As a lone wolf, be careful not to develop a sense of entitlement. For example, a medic that stands right next to your corpse and doesn’t revive you, may be doing other legitimate tasks, like checking the map for their squad and giving orders over TeamSpeak. Or maybe they are just watching Archer on Netflix. If they heal you – awesome. If they revive you – fantastic. However its not like they are paid to babysit you. It’s a player trying to have a good time and they owe you technically nothing. As a lone wolf, it’s better not to depend on others, you will just become frustrated when expectations are not met.

If you’re craving that kind of teamwork, find an outfit. The game does a complete 180 flip in a team setting. Your squad can become a well oiled machine wrecking everything in its path.

– CuteBeaver

Combined Arms

Not everything in PlanetSide 2 can be accomplished with just infantry, and certainly not with just one infantryman. It’s much easier to destroy enemy vehicles with vehicles of your own.

Zerging a well-defended Sunderer with just Heavy Assaults and C4 is not the way to do it. You need something heavier.
A) Lightning tank with AP cannon. This option is so underestimated and underused compared to the raw damage it can dish out. You can pull a Lightning at any base with or without a Tech Plant on the map. It is fast, has a low profile, and can take out a deployed Sunderer from range easily.
With an upgraded reload speed, you can even out damage a couple engineer’s repairing the Sunderer.
B) Battle Bus. Get a Sunderer, put armor on it, and equip it with dual 40mm Fury grenade launchers. You will need a couple of gunners, but you will absolutely shred a deployed sunderer, even with a shield. Equip a Gate Shield Diffuser and now you can bust shields to get that deployed Sunderer in the middle of a Tech Plant or the bottom of a Bio Lab.
C) Liberator with AP30 Shredder. Put max zoom on it, and stand off from your target at an altitude of around 400 AGL (above ground level). You will shred a deployed Sunderer, as the weapon name suggests. Your altitude allows you to avoid most of the return fire from the ground, and the altitude also allows you to position yourself horizontally at a distance from the target. Further away = more time to retreat in case things go bad.
The AP30 is also a great AA weapon. It will shred fighters and gunships just as easily as it does Sunderers. You won’t kill infantry from high altitude that well, but that’s not really what the weapon was designed for.
The above choices are also just as good at engaging enemy armor. Most MBTs can’t really defend against a high altitude Liberator using the AP30 Shredder. They can try to find an incline to angle up and use their AP cannon to take potshots at you, but at your altitude just a little moving around will be enough to make them miss.


This is a team game. Why solo lone-wolf players refrain from even basic communication is beyond me. You don’t have to join a squad, but you still have access to zone-wide communication. 

  • To coordinate with nearby allies, use region chat. Type “/re” or “/regionsay” to start writing in region chat.
    • Yell chat is cross faction. Do not share tactical information over yell chat.
  • Proximity voice chat is not cross faction. Only allies very close to you will hear you.
    • If somebody annoys you over proximity chat, you can press numpad Enter to mute the current speaker.
  • V-menu callouts, such as calling for medic, are cross faction, and enemies will hear your character’s voice, so be careful with them. 
    • Involuntary callouts, such as “reloading” or “throwing a grenade” are not audible to enemies.
  • /w Name to send a personal message.
    • You can press [Backspace] to quickly reply to the last person that sent you a personal message.
The first thing you should always do is shout out the location of any deployed Sunderer you see. Spotting it isn’t enough, because some players are too far away to see the spot. You don’t even have to type much, just type in region chat “sundy NW A point”. Done. Simple, effective communication. 

If you’re piloting a vehicle and need a gunner, you can use V+0 callout to call for a gunner. 

Players also can create their own Custom Voice Channels to create voice communication between people in different squads, or simply between different people within a faction. 

Playing in a squad

Spending some time soloing is perfectly fine, but ultimately, you will find that PS2 is frustrating to play solo. Solo players are often: 
  • farmed by vehicles
  • lose to MAXes 1 on 1
  • spawncamped
  • waste time spawncamping enemy
  • unable to find good fights

Choosing to play solo is a downgrade to your own experience, first of all. Every minute you’re playing solo you’re doing yourself a disservice. We’re spoiled by plenty of games that have matchmaking, which makes solo play very acceptable, and we forgot how to make our own battles. PlanetSide 2 is a game that is meant to be played in a squad.

If you ever decide to lead a squad of your own, check the Leading a squad article.

Tip: you can change the color of each squad in a platoon. Open squad / platoon menu, click on the squad name, and it will bring up a color palette, allowing you to change the color to your preference.

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