Squads and Platoons

To make it easier to coordinate, players of one faction can join together to form Squads and Platoons.

A Squad can have up to 12 members, including a Squad Leader (SL). To coordinate, they can use:

  • Squad Voice Chat
  • Squad Text Chat
  • SL can put Squad Waypoint on the map.  

Players earn XP bonuses for playing as a squad.

Several squads can join together to form a Platoon. Platoons can hold up to 4 squads: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. So up to 48 people total. 

Platoon Squads can use platoon Voice and Text chat to coordinate between each other, and Platoon Leader (PL) can put even more waypoints on the map.

By default, Platoon Leader is also a Squad Leader for the Alpha Squad, but he can promote another player to be a Squad Leader, if he wants to.


  • Green, single chevron – Squad Waypoint, placed by your squad leader. Only your squad members can see it.
  • Gold, double chevron – Platoon Waypoint, placed by Platoon Leader for the whole Platoon.
  • Squad color, triple chevron – Squad Waypoints, placed by Platoon Leader. All Platoon Members can see them, but they are meant as waypoints for individual squads. 

Squad Color – each squad in a platoon has its own color, to make it easier to distinguish members of different squads. You can customize these colors in the squad menu.

Squad Leaders can invest certification points to unlock even more tools, such as Rally Points with colored smoke, Spawn Beacons and access to “orders” chat, which is supposed to let multiple squads and platoons coordinate around faction-wide objectives.

How to join a squad

The easiest way is to just press “Insert”, and you will automatically join the nearest squad. You can also press the “Join Squad” button at the top left of the main map. 

Alternatively, you can open the “Squad” tab of the “Social” menu, and pick from all of the open squads. 

How to create a squad

To create a squad, you can use the “/squad create” chat command, or click the corresponding button on the Squad Browser screen on the Social page of the main menu.

Alternatively, you can simply invite another player, and a squad will be created automatically.

You can keep manually inviting more players, or you can click “Enable Recruitment” in the squad menu, and then your squad will appear in the list of open squads, and anyone will be able to join.

There are many ways you can invite a player to your squad:

  • Click on their name in the chat.
  • Put your crosshair over them and hold “Q” (spot).
  • Type in chat: /squad invite PlayerName.
  • By using a context menu in your Outfit or Friend list.
  • By right clicking on that player’s position on the minimap. You can press Left Alt to show mouse cursor.

Squad Spawning

You can spawn directly into a SundererGalaxy or a Valkyrie owned and occupied by a squad member. If the vehicle is in the enemy territory, or allied territory that’s being captured by the enemy, then you also have to be within 1000m of the vehicle.

You can spawn at an allied base from any distance, if majority of your squad are in that base’s region, and the base itself is connected to a Warpgate via lattice. 

For the purposes of the “majority”, squad leader counts as two people.

Squads also gain access to Spawn Beacons.