How to get to the battle

First find a battle

Open the main map by pressing “M”. Explosions on the map will tell you where the fighting happens. Usually, at bases on the front lines, where territories owned by different factions connect.

You can find out how many people participate in a battle on each side by putting your mouse over a contested base on the map. It’s better to find fights with roughly equal numbers on all sides. 

Bases are connected by Lattice Links. You can attack and capture only enemy bases that are linked to a base owned by your faction. But you can freely move around the continent. That is, unless somebody shoots you.

Choosing a battle where you will have fun is something learned by lots of trial and error. 

Once you find a battle, you will have to get to it. The usual way is to just spawn there by double clicking on the base’s spawn icon.

Standard spawns

spawn options

The spawning system in PlanetSide 2 is fairly complex, and often changes from patch to patch. Here are the basics:

You can always spawn at:

  • Warpgate.
  • Allied bases in territories close to your position.
  • The closest major facility, such as AMP Station, Tech Plant or Biolab, if their SCU – Spawn Control Unit – has not been destroyed.
  • Deployed Sunderer within 1000m.

Join Combat (formerly Instant Action) can take you to any fight, where your faction’s population is within 20% of the enemy population. It will use nearest available spawn point, including Sunderers and base spawns. If there are no spawns available, you will be deployed via drop pod. Instant Action has a 2 minute cooldown.

Reinforcements needed: you can spawn on allied bases from any distance when they are under attack by superior enemy numbers, as long as the base is connected to your Warpgate via lattice link. 

If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, press “Redeploy” button on the map, and you will be able to spawn elsewhere in 10 seconds.

Tip: PlanetSide 2 is known for spawning people not where they intended to. If you select a spawn point from the map top left menu and click “spawn” button, there’s always a chance that the spawn point will automatically change in the last second, and you’ll end up god knows where.

To make sure to spawn in a specific place, you should double click the spawning point on the map. Example.

If there are no spawns available, and Instant Action is on cooldown, you can:

  • Redeploy hop. Since you can always spawn on nearby bases, you just spawn on the base closes to the battle. Once you get there, redeploy and again spawn closer to the battle. Repeat until you get where you wanted.

If you are trying to redeploy hop somewhere, you can press the redeploy button (U) while on the loading screen. That way, once you spawn in, half of the redeploy timer will already be finished.

  • Spawn a vehicle at any vehicle or aircraft terminal, and drive it to the battle. Right click on the map to add a waypoint so you don’t get lost. Keep in mind this can take a lot of time, and you can get intercepted by enemies.

Squad spawning

If you play in a squad, you will have a few additional spawning options:

  • You can spawn directly into a Sunderer, Galaxy or a Valkyrie owned and occupied by a squad member. If the vehicle is in the enemy territory, or allied territory that’s being captured by the enemy, then you also have to be within 1000m of the vehicle.
  • You can click “spawn on squad” on the map, and you will spawn on the closest available spawn point in the region that has the most amount of squad members near it, including a Spawn Beacon.

Spawn beacon

Spawn Beacon is a part of “Leadership Certifications”, located in the “Social” menu. It becomes available to players at BR10. After unlocking, this certification allows a Squad Leader to place Spawn Beacons in any location with clear sky above it, and then squad members can deploy in a drop pod near the Spawn Beacon’s location. 

You have to be within within 1000m of a Spawn Beacon to be able to spawn on it, but you can do so from any range if majority of the squad members are near the beacon.

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