How to capture a base

 For quick rundown of basics, watch Wrel’s video:

How to destroy a generator

There is only one way to destroy a generator – overload. Shooting or putting explosives on it is useless. To overload a generator, stand next to it and press and hold [E] (use). While overloading a generator you can look around, shoot and even move a little. Infantry players of any class except MAX can overload generators.

For you to be able to overload a generator, the base has to be connected to one of your faction’s bases with a lattice link. 

While overloading a generator or hacking a turret / terminal, you can look and move around, fire weapons and use your other equipment, without interrupting the process. You just have to remain close to the object. 

A minor convenience: you don’t actually have to hold the Use button. You can tap it once, and the hacking / overloading process will start.

Base Shields

There are two types of base shields: 

  1. Total Blocker – non-transparent shields
    • Blocks all projectiles
    • Blocks enemy vehicles
    • Blocks enemy infantry
    • Allows friendly vehicles
    • Allows friendly infantry
  2. Vehicle Blocker – transparent shields
    • Blocks all large projectiles (tank cannon shells, rockets)
    • Blocks enemy vehicles
    • Allows all small projectiles
    • Allows all infantry
    • Allows friendly vehicles

Shields can be non-transparent on one side and transparent on the other. 

Icons on all shields indicate what you must do to bring them down. A basic thumb rule is if shield is transparent for you, you can shoot through it. Small shields indoors are usually “vehicle blockers”, large outdoor shields are usually “total blockers”.

It’s an interesting point that Archer anti-material rifle can shoot through vehicle blockers and damage enemy vehicles, who can’t use their large weapons to return fire.


Icon SCU

SCU stands for Spawn Control Unit – a generator that powers the spawn rooms on some of the bases.

Normally it’s protected by shields. If the base has SCU Shield Generator, then shields will be disabled if that generator is overloaded and destroyed. If the base doesn’t have a dedicated generator, SCU will become vulnerable after after 50% or more of the base capture timer has been filled.

If SCU is overloaded and destroyed, base defenders will be unable to spawn at that base’s spawnroom.

Jump pads and gravity lifts

There are two kinds of Jump Pads, neutral and factional. Neutral work for everyone, always. Factional jump pads only work for the members of the faction controlling the base.

Gravity lifts always work for everyone.

Using a Jump Pad or a Gravity Lift will make you immune to fall damage for several seconds, so it’s a common technique to step in a grav lift for a second, then jump down any height to descend quickly.

 Sunderer Placement

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Tig’s Sundie Guide – Indar

Bases are presented in the alphabetical order.


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