First steps

After you create your character, the game will start a tutorial. Do not rush through the tutorial! It starts basic at first, but covers important and unique to PS2 mechanics like spawning and capturing points, so take time and pay attention.

After the tutorial, the game should spawn you on Koltyr – a small continent for beginning players. Experienced players that have a character above Battle Rank 15 on the account are not allowed on Koltyr, so you are nearly guaranteed to be fighting other newbies.

PlanetSide 2 population nowadays isn’t what it used to be, so it’s possible Koltyr will be deserted. In that case, you can leave Koltyr to play on main continents with all other players. You can return to Koltyr at any time later. To warp between continents use the Warpgate Terminal located at any warpgate:

Warpgate Terminals

Play this game like a war simulator. Many people come from casual arena shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty and expect to get the same treatment. Playing PlanetSide 2 like an arcade run’n’gun will just lead to frustration.

You will die a lot as a newbie player in PlanetSide 2. Thankfully, there is no death penalty. Learn from your deaths and move on.

The game is unfriendly to players who don’t know what are they doing. You will be going against experienced players that seem to be able to kill you quickly from any distance, even if you get the drop on them.

Seemingly immortal BR100+ player in shiny armor is not hard to kill because of some overpowered weapon he’s using. He’s hard to kill because of years of experience. 

There is no pay to win, no overpowered equipment, only player skill and experience.

Your starting equipment is decent and competitive, and there is no rush to upgrade or change it right away. However, make sure to equip the 1x reflex sight that is granted for free on all your starting weapons. 

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