Facility and Continent Benefits

Facility Benefits

Capturing a facility provides faction-wide bonuses on that continent.

Tech Plant

Capturing a Tech Plant allows to spawn Main Battle Tanks and Liberators outside the Warpgate.

Hacked Tech Plant terminals will always give access to MBT and Liberator spawns, regardless of whether that faction owns a Tech Plant or not.

Amp Station

Capturing an AMP Station grants base turrets’ the ability to automatically repair themselves, even when not occupied. 


Capturing a BioLab provides self healing to infantry units in friendly regions. Healing is equal to Rank 2 of the Regeneration Implant. If the player already has a Rank 1 or Rank 2 Regeneration implant, Biolab bonus overrides the implant. 

Continent Benefits

Locking a continent provides faction-wide bonuses on all continents, until another faction locks that continent.


Locking Amerish allows base base generators to regenerate 5 health per second when destroyed. 

This is equivalent to a ~13 minute self-repair for SCUs and ~10 minutes for other generators. 


Locking Indar increases heat efficiency of base turrets. 


Locking Esamir provides shield regeneration for infantry near capture points in friendly territory. 10 shield per second. 


Locking Hossin makes Vehicle Ammo Towers provide repairs to nearby friendly ground vehicles, and Landing Pads to repair aircraft.

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