Known Alert Rewards

Meltdown Alert Rewards

ISO-4 Reward

Participating in a Meltdown Alert earns you ISO-4 and Certifications Points. The longer you participate, the bigger are your rewards.

  • If your faction triggers the alert and wins, you get up to 300 ISO-4 and 250 Certs.
  • If your faction does not trigger the alert, but still wins, you get up to 100 ISO-4 and some Certs.
  • If your faction loses the alert, you get up to 50 ISO-4 and some Certs.

Loot Reward

If your faction triggers an Alert and wins, and you participate in at least half of the Alert, you will receive a Random Loot Reward.

Note: the Alert Reward system was overhauled and it’s currently unclear what triggers the loot reward. We know it’s possible to get the reward even if your faction doesn’t win, and you participate for only ~half of the alert.

  • You can’t get an item that you already own.
  • Some of these rewards cannot be obtained any other way. 
  • “For most item rewards, a player is required to have participated in at least half of the alert, and certain rare items require even more time participated to become eligible for them.” Critical Mass Patchnotes
  • If you participate in an Alert for some time, log out, and then log back until the alert is over, then the game will remember how long you participated and will reward you properly. However, if the alert is over before you log back, you will not receive anything. – DBPaul

Reward List

This list is not complete, but it should give you an idea of what kind of items you can receive.

(1) Random decal. It could be specific to vehicles or infantry, or universal.

(2) Unique variant of Drakon Armor with pre-placed Camo, such as:

(3) Composite Helmet or Composite Armor for one class or MAX. Same items can be purchased through in-game shop. For example:

(4) Vehicle cosmetic. Some (all?) of them can be purchased through in-game shop.

(5) A weapon:

  • NS-44L Showdown – a unique variant of the NS-44L Blackhand.
  • NS-357 IA – a unique variant of the NS-357 Underboss. 
  • NS-AM8 Shortbow – a unique variant of the NS-AM7 Archer.
  • Note: you need to already own any version of these weapons to have a chance of receiving them as an alert reward (source, at ~29 min)
  • You need to participate in at least 90% of the Alert (source).

(6) A Boost:

  • +30% to Nanites and Experience for 1 Day
  • +50% Experience for you and +5% Experience for your Squad Members for 1 Day

(7) An Implant Pack with 2 or 3 random implants.

(8) A camo:

  • Paradise Camo is a rare item reward for winning an alert on Hossin with at least 90% participation time.

(9) 100 Certs

Event Rewards

Participating (or winning?) in Events grants you one or several random implants

If you know of any other Rewards, please inform me and they will be added to this list.

21 thoughts on “Known Alert Rewards

  1. are any of these numbers still accurate ?? I have played for the last 3 month and NEVER have got more than 25 ISO-4 for any kind of alert, or more than one level 1 implant, and NEVER got any other kind of rewards (certs included).

    1. You most likely meant 100 certs.

      I can confirm all(for VS) but:
      -Heavy Composit Armor(likely just unlucky there)
      – Liberator Shark Fins and Magrider Enhanced Hover Pad(I actually don’t think they are in there)
      -Any Fieldplate(some special stipulation maybe? Or just even more unlucky than with the heavy composit armor)

      1. Still no Liberator Shark Fins and Magrider Enhanced Hover Pad.
        Got Amerish and Esamir Fieldplate(no Indar or Hossin yet) and Worn Panel Camo tho(Amerish Alert 100% participation. Might be possible that you get it from any continent with a very small chance).

        Oh, and I got the Heavy Composit Armor….just been really unlucky there.

        Implant Pack right now is a single implant. And it can only be very, very common ones. So it’s basicly 25 ISO.

          1. Added, thank you! Let me know your in game name if you’d like to be credited for your contributions.

    1. Most of these are from various reddit threads, yes. People have also PMed me a few things, and some rewards I’ve gotten myself.

  2. Same windows on the Reaver (Cockpit: Tiger Face Decal, Cockpit L337 Decal)
    Bruiser plating on Vanguard

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