How can you support me

Creating high-quality content always requires a lot of time and effort, and it’s a passion of mine. I’ve been doing it for years, and will keep doing it as long as I can, even if I never get any profit – I simply love doing it!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to survive on enthusiasm alone, and adult life is ever calling. At the moment I barely have a job, and I barely earn enough money for basic things like rent and food.

If you find my content helpful or entertaining, or you’ve been impressed by my PC Building Services, you can show your gratitude by sending me a small amount of money one of these ways:

  • Direct transfer to my VISA Card: contact me to get the number, I’m afraid to post it online.
  • PayPal Donation or direct transfer to my PayPal account: 

Any amount is appreciated, and will help me create me even more awesome content. If you do send me some money, make sure to contact me so I can properly thank you.

Why not Patreon?

Patreon would not be a good fit for me. I don’t want to receive monthly payments, as my content creation is highly irregular. And I don’t want to feel forced to regularly create content either. Passion dies when hobby turns into work.

Besides, my stuff is usually a work in progress and are always being improved.

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