Hello, I am Iridar and welcome to my gaming blog. You can get in touch with me by:

If you’ve got a question about any of the Planetside 2 portions of this page, then uzzi38 is the guy to get in contact with instead. PM me either:

  • Reddit: u/uzzi38
  • Discord: uzzi38#2586
  • E-mail: (though if you can, try sending me a PM with the above two first)

5 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Iridar, could you make a European & EW based rocket launcher? Grenade launchers are nice enough, but I want a bigger explosion.

  2. Are you familiar with or do you know anyone that’s used the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 for the PS4 to play PS2? You can fine tune the sensitivity of the sticks (small, medium and large movements) and I’m having difficulty finding a decent baseline. I mainly went with that that controller because the latest gen of PS4 controllers seems to have quality issues.
    I’ve played this game since 2014, switching from PC to PS4 and kinda find myself lost with this controller. Lol! Thanks.

  3. We are a TR outfit playing on Emerald. We have been creating a document on construction and the effects on game play after the recent upgrade. May we reference your document as part of our merging of combat with construction in our document?

    1. Of course, you’re free to do so. Let me know if you would like to improve the Construction System Guide for general public by bringing some of your strategies here.

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